GUNN Associates have been appointed on the construction phase for a residential new-build scheme of 7 apartments and 3 houses by developer Broadwing Castle Moat Limited on a site of archaeological interest.

The residential new-build development scheme in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire will transform the site of the former British Red Cross Society HQ building, which was demolished leaving a vacant site.

The design rationale centred around creating a viable building type that created visual interest for both the residents and passers-by. The design has been meticulously composed to be contemporary but understand the context and character of nearby housing and the adjacent church. The GUNN design team ensured a level of quality using economical construction methods and specification. A creative combination of vertical timber fins and cladding, alongside brickwork, separates the houses and the apartments, without losing the urban design coherence of a single building form.

The site posed a number of different challenges for the entire team. The site is of archaeological interest, and so an extensive survey, examination, and recording was undertaken. A large number of artefacts were discovered and subsequently recorded. The sub-structure was designed to avoid areas of particular interest such as the ancient moat, and the project was constructed to ground floor level when the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 forced the construction work to stop.

Castle Hill was originally part of the Anglo-Saxon burh, the fortification around a Saxon town (this is where the word borough originates). Huntingdon was both a strategic and commercial location, situated on the River Ouse. In 1068 William the Conqueror” gave orders for the construction of a castle, and twenty houses and parts of the town’s defences were demolished to build it.

The castle was a traditional motte and bailey design with a keep on a hill surrounded by a walled enclosure. This bailey would have been built with stables, brewery, bakery, storerooms, and chapel and the whole site covered 2.5 acres. Despite the investment in time and materials the castle only stood for just over a century.

GUNN assisted in restarting the project with a new main contractor and designed a scheme comprising 7 apartments and 3 houses.

Duncan Gunn, Founder at GUNN said:

“Our client came to us wanting a revisualisation of an already approved scheme for five apartments and four houses. We completely revisited the proposal and made significant improvements to the layouts, elevational treatment, landscaping, and viability.

The greatest challenge of the development is that it is sited on land of significant archaeological interest, being over part of an ancient motte and bailey castle. We have had detailed communication with the local authority regarding the construction method, which has proved extremely successful.”.

GUNN has been appointed to restart the project and see it through to completion in early 2022.

Professional Team:

Architect:                                        GUNN

Structural Engineer:                        Green Structural Engineering

MEP Engineer:                                Silcock Dawson & Partners

Archaeology:                                   KDK Archaeology

Interior Design:                               Ademchic


Planning Decision Date:                  December 2018

Construction Cost:                           £1.3 million

Site Area:                                         1,500 sq.m.

We work with developers and land-owners to maximise the potential of their sites. The developments range from 9 units to upwards of 50 units, and often include areas of other uses such as commercial, retail, and F&B. We have excellent working relationships with a range of trusted consultants and suppliers and can advise on all aspects of these developments; from feasibility stage through to completion. We have developed an efficient and accurate site viability programme to assist developers and landowners evaluate their sites and this is offered at feasibility stage.


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