Exploring ICF and other Methods of Modern Construction: Remember the residential apartment scheme by GUNN that delighted the Croydon Planning Committee? A development of nine flats, car-parking, storage, and landscaped gardens in the leafy tree-lined area of Purley, South London was commissioned by Broadwing Homes to produce a design for the development of a residential apartment scheme consisting of nine flats and ancillary uses, such as car parking, cycle and refuse storage, and landscaped gardens. We’re working closely with the client to explore construction options using Modern Methods of Construction (MMC).

Exploring ICF and other Methods of Modern Construction: Insulating Concrete Formwork (ICF) is an innovative modern method of construction that combines the intrinsic strength of concrete with the exceptional thermal insulation properties of polystyrene to produce cost-effective, durable structures. ICFs are quick and easy to install. There are many benefits of using Insulated Concrete Formwork systems in the building of your home. Here are the key advantages of using the system over other systems on the market from our friends at econekt, (Experts in self-build and everything from ICF foundations, building or floor insulation, to a fully Passivhaus certified home.)

Thermal Insulation:

You will often find that when using Insulated Concrete Formwork blocks for your self-build project, this can completely omit the requirement for other sources of insulation, such as more traditionally used means like fibreglass, mineral wool, cellulose, or polyurethane foam.

Acoustic Insulation:

As well as thermal insulation, you will also find that ICF construction allows for a considerable reduction in the requirement of acoustic insulation in homes too. This ensures that noise levels are kept to a minimum between rooms. Perfect for homes to those with a certain musical talent, or to buildings that need to keep noise levels between themselves and neighbours to a minimum.


A key advantage of using an ICF construction system is its efficiency of use in the build process. This is mainly down to the ease of use and installation with ICF materials, in turn, this ensures less of a requirement for labour and materials. Thus, rendering your project far more economical in the long run.

Energy Benefits:

Depending on which type of walling system and other ICF construction products that you decide on, your dream home could be enjoying little-to-no running costs in terms of heating. ICF’s insulation properties mean that your home’s energy can be generated from things like body heat and appliances, omitting the requirement for central heating systems in many cases.


ICF construction systems enjoy a wealth of benefits when considering the structure of your self-build project. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your materials are impenetrable to factors such as mould, rot, adverse weather, and damp. ICF construction has long been hailed as a much better alternative to traditional construction materials such as wood when conducting a self-build project.

Air Tightness:

Air tightness is generally an area of concern or risk when building your home. However, when working with ICF construction, the structural concrete core provides not only the structural integrity of the home but also the primary air barrier. Reducing the risk of this tiresome process and allowing more time to spent on the penetrations or window and door openings. ICF constructed homes can achieve an air change rate of less than 1 air change with no extra attention.

We work with developers and landowners to maximise the potential of their sites and increase their ROI. The developments range from 9 units to upwards of 50 units and often include areas of other uses such as commercial, retail, and F&B. We have excellent working relationships with a range of trusted consultants and suppliers and can advise on all aspects of these developments; from feasibility stage through to completion. We have developed an efficient and accurate site viability programme to assist developers and landowners evaluate their sites and this is offered at feasibility stage.

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