Build Build Build is an all-new e-learning solution for people looking to extend or convert their homes or who are starting on a self-build, small developer journey.  Today is launch day! Gunn Associates is proud to be part of this innovative product.

What is Build Build Build?

It is an online, educational concept developed specifically for homeowners and small developers who want to undertake their own building project; an extension to their home, a garden office, develop a part of their land or a plot they want to buy. Delivered via a series of online modules, each lesson will help people navigate their way through the entire build process.  From the planning and design stage, through to building and sign-off.

Learning Modules

The twelve easy to understand modules are delivered online via video tutorials and can be purchased as a complete course, module packs or individual modules.  Students can also sign up via an annual subscription method. There is professional advice on each subject in easy-to-understand, manageable portions. Each module is written by established industry professionals, who are true experts in their fields.

Founder, Duncan Gunn, Gunn Associates said:

 “The concept has been developed to help anyone who wants to learn about housing development; whether it be for their own house, in their garden, or on another piece of land. It allows you to ‘own’ your project, improve your lifestyle and create a legacy. The modules will cover the ever-shifting policies and laws around construction and save you hundreds of Google searches!

Perfect for the novice developer to help them make the right decisions about their build project. The modules signpost you to speak with the right people at the right time, and help you get the best out of your team. Whether you are talking to a builder or an architect, it will help you understand how the whole build process works.”

We have partnered with a number of industry professionals who have contributed to the modules. In addition to the online course modules and packs, purchasers and subscribers will be given access to a closed Facebook community group, bonus ‘masterclasses’ and various supporting course content documents.


Build Build Build