This week we caught up with Duncan on our Build Build Build initiative – the online, module course developed specifically for developers who are looking to deliver a better building project from start to finish. The concept has recently gained CPD Accreditation which is creating excellent inroads with our property developer, estate management and construction training provider clients.


So, what is Build Build Build all about and why the CPD route?

Because it is a module-based course, it lends itself very well to CPD because of the manageable sections that can be worked through to log training hours and fill in knowledge gaps. Predominantly aimed at property developers, the course covers all aspects of the build process, the course addresses all aspects of the process from finding a suitable plot, the planning of the development, its design, through to construction and completion.

Build Build BuildThe course was developed because, through years of experience working with developers and fellow professionals, Duncan found that many people did not know how the process, the timings, and the associated costs worked in the world outside of the classroom. It was clear that people had completed developer courses but had left those courses with unrealistic expectations, so he decided to provide a course that changed that.

For each student, the course offers:

  • Welcome pack.
  • Access to 11 video modules.
  • Exclusive access to the cohort Facebook group.
  • Online module data sheets.
  • A weekly, pre-recorded FAQ video.
  • A monthly, live Q&A session with a relevant industry expert.
  • On completion of the course, access to the graduates’ community Facebook group.

Here, Duncan explains more

“The idea of producing a course, for anybody who is involved in the property development business from the start through to completion, or at any point in between(!) came about because of my encounters with both new, inexperienced, and relatively experienced developers. Many of whom understood the money aspect of it really well, and how to do deals, get the loans and funding and joint ventures with people; but didn’t understand the actual process of developing building or buildings, from start to completion.

This essentially meant that their aspirations were skewed from the start, which caused problems throughout every project in a way, from start to completion. This was down to their idea of timescales and costs, and for consultants and no concept of costs for planning applications or other issues that might crop up during the development process. This is why we developed Build Build Build – ‘from professionals for professionals’ providing people with the knowledge they need for a successful development, so all areas of the programme are spot on with no hidden surprises or having to play catch up.”

The Build Build Build course equates to 12 hours of CPD learning

There is professional advice on each subject in easy-to-understand, manageable portions. Each module is written by established industry professionals, who are true experts in their fields.

During the 12 week programme, you will join a small programme cohort of like-minded individuals whom you can join and share ideas within a private Facebook group.

At the end of each programme element, you will be invited to join a live webinar with the course curator Duncan Gunn, an award-winning London based architect along with our partners and course contributors.

Over the coming weeks we will be publishing individual module videos which are part of the CPD course here on the GUNN Associates website, we hope that people who get the chance to view these videos will be left wanting more.  These videos will be released via our social media channels and will only be live for a limited amount of time!

In the meantime, Duncan has a few words for you on Build Build Build…

Watch the intro video

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