Balneary Architecture Festival – Hanelore Dumitrache our senior project designer, spent time in Romania this summer and had the pleasure of visiting the Balneary Architecture week-long event in her home town of Baile Govora.

Balneary Architecture Festival – Baile Govora is a spa town in Romania famous for its natural mineral springs. The town had been a cherished hotspot for balneary treatments since the early 1900s, visited by patients from all over Europe. Since the fall of the communist regime in 1989, many of the impressive buildings have been abandoned and fallen into disrepair.

Balneary Architecture Festival 2The week-long event hosted by Studo Govora aimed to revitalise local heritage buildings through art and civic activities. The event featured historical tours, architectural visits, exhibitions by architecture students and public consultations. In these consultations, students presented their proposals for Ivanovici Villa, with locals and tourists brainstorming potential future uses.

Balneary Architecture Festival 3

Hanelore Dumitrache our senior project designer, completed her RIBA Part 3 diploma with Distinction in October 2020. She is now a fully qualified Architect after 10 years of hard work and study. She now also boasts a full qualification as a European Architect.

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